Our Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Comprehensive eye examinations include a thorough evaluation of your ocular health along with updating your glasses prescription. Dilation is performed when indicated, and we’ll discuss any risk factors for conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Comprehensive diabetic eye exams always include a report to your primary care physician as well.

Emergency Eye Care

From red eyes to styes, we’ve got you covered. Symptoms like eye pain, redness, and sensitivity to light should be evaluated by an eye care professional right away. Dr. Brozzo also performs foreign body removal in-office. We accommodate same-day appointments whenever possible.


With over 900 frames on display and new styles arriving weekly, we’ve got something for everyone! We’ll make sure your prescription lens options meet your lifestyle needs as well,with the latest in digital lens technology, progressives, transitions, and anti-glare. We've also got you covered for eyeglass adjustments and repairs. We do recommend a phone call prior to stopping by to make sure an optician is available at your time of arrival.

Contact Lenses

It is important to evaluate contact lenses every year for appropriate fit and vision. Soft contact lens options include daily disposable, two-week, and monthly replacement modalities. With a contact lens evaluation, we’ll determine the option that meets your lifestyle needs and advise the appropriate regimen to keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Safety Eyewear

You’ve got one set of eyes - protect them! We have a large collection of OSHA-compliant ophthalmic frames and ensure your lenses meet ANSI standards for protection.